08/03/2023 09/03/2023

6th Economics of Media Bias Workshop

Munich, Germany

Ifo Institute main building

The 2023 edition of the workshop, held at the ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich, delved into th role of media and media bias in economics and related disciplines. The sessions covered a range of topics, from the impact of narratives on policy opinions to the role of digital media markets in amplifying news sentiment.

In Session 1, researchers explored the influence of narratives on policy opinions through survey experiments, supervised machine learning in measuring narratives about the political economy of climate change, and the persistent effects of narratives in online experiments. Session 2 focused on discussions about fact-checking, trust in information sources, crowdsourced fact-checking, and experimental evidence behind fact-checking’s impact on trust. The session also featured a discussion of the implications and measurement of visual media bias, including an exploration of computer vision tools.

Julia Cagé’s keynote address examined evidence from French television and radio shows spanning nearly two decades, shedding light on media bias in the form of selection of hosts. Following a walk through the English Garden, Session 3 covered topics ranging from the amplification of news sentiment in digital media markets to the demand for news and its accuracy.

Day two continued the exploration with Sessions 4 and 5, covering topics such as the president’s reactions to news, the political economy of propaganda in US newspapers, and experimental evidence in fighting populism. A keynote by Theresa Kuchler rounded off the event, providing a comprehensive examination on the role of social networks for various economic and political outcomes.


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ifo Institute for Economic Research, Poschinger Street 5, 81679 Munich


From: 08/03/2023

To: 09/03/2023

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