8th Economics of Media Bias Workshop

The 8th Economics of Media Bias Workshop takes places at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany.

Campus building of Frankfurt School

Frankfurt, Germany




The workshop series

The Economics of Media Bias Workshop is an annual event that takes place at varying universities. It brings together economists and researchers from related disciplines to discuss how media bias can be measured, what causes media bias, and how media bias affects economic, political, and societal outcomes. The first workshop was conducted in 2015 at Hamburg Media School, Germany, where participants initiated a funding application that should help finance future workshops on the topic. The application was approved by the German Research Foundation, providing funds for workshops in Lausanne (2017), Cologne (2018), and Berlin (2019). The series was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and continued in 2022, thanks to the support of numerous academic institutions. The Economics of Media Bias Workshop brings together the different perspectives, approaches, and methods that can be found in the area. It aims to support and integrate young researchers by connecting them with more experienced scholars.

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Our latest workshops

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Cologne university WISO building

Cologne, Germany



7th Economics of Media Bias Workshop

The 7th Economics of Media Bias Workshop featured several sessions exploring media bias and its impact on society. The conference dealt with current issues related to censorship, social media, editorial choices, the visibility of women in media, the role of media in fighting intolerance, and the concentration of media markets, for example.

Ifo Institute main building

Munich, Germany



6th Economics of Media Bias Workshop

The workshop, held at the ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich, delved into th role of media and media bias in economics and related disciplines. The sessions covered a range of topics, from the impact of narratives on policy opinions to the role of digital media markets in amplifying news sentiment.

Main building of the Berlin Social Science Center

Berlin, Germany



5th Economics of Media Bias Workshop

The 2022 edition, hosted at the WZB Berlin Social Research Center, was the first workshop after the coronavirus pandemic. It offered a mix of on-site and virtual participation, featuring 15 paper presentations and a keynote speech by Alois Stutzer.

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